A trouble-free transition from your troublesome email system to a new robust and reliable Office 365 platform.

For SMEs that want to transition to a cloud-based mobile office communications platform, 365+ makes the shift to Microsoft Office 365 easy, risk-free and fast.

Instead of managing the transition to cloud computing yourself, let PicNet install 365+ and take the stress out of the process so that you can focus on what you do best... making your business thrive.

Benefits of 365+

No headaches, no risk

PicNet 365+ takes care of the entire process for you. It is fast and risk-free, and you get instant access to a team of cloud computing experts who are skilled at managing a successful and smooth transition.

Get up and running fast

365+ gives you full use of familiar Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Excel, Word, SharePoint, Lync, etc. You and your team can be up and running from day one.

IT costs and expensive updates are no longer a problem

Stop worrying about endless upgrades and IT problems. 365+ will automatically give you access to the latest features and Microsoft Office versions. Because it is cloud-based, you no longer have to worry about expensive server hardware and maintenance either.

Reduce Cost

Because it is a cloud-based email and communications platform, 365+ based on Microsoft Office 365, costs up to 50% less!

Robust security and reliability

Office 365 features built-in security that blocks malware, spam, phishing attacks and other cyber threats. 365+ is supported by PicNet’s cloud specialists, and offers 99.9% uptime with PicNet’s own disaster recovery technology.

Work from anywhere

Whether you are on the road, at home or in the office, 365+ works across different devices (PC, Tablet, Mac or your phone) and lets you process emails, and access your documents and calendar easily and reliably.

Collaborate with ease

Be a more productive team without compromising security. 365+ is a complete communications platform, offering email, shared calendars, online conferencing, document sharing and instant messaging.

Optimise productivity and mitigate risk

Enjoy an easy and simple user experience and see productivity soar. 365+ works seamlessly with all Office applications while offering enterprise-grade security.

How much you can save?

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What is 365+?

Find out why Office 365 is a no-brainer for Aussie Business

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How much does 365+ cost?

PicNet has the tools and experienced engineers to achieve a successful transition from a traditional email exchange to a trouble-free, highly reliable, low cost and secure email and communications infrastructure.

The cost – to be confirmed on consultation – is between $2,000 and $8,000, and depends on the size of your organisation.

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