Endpoint Security

“Endpoints” are normally computer nodes inside a network.

These can be client computers (desktops, laptops / notebooks) or servers. Whenever these endpoint nodes access or interact with the Internet, they present a risk to your cyber security.

It is imperative these end points are protected from malware risks that have the potential to compromise your entire network.

Risk Shield Services – Managed enterprise anti-malware – delivers enterprise grade antivirus/anti-malware solutions from well-known vendors such as TrendMicro and Symantec as a service.

We will configure and deploy anti-malware software to your end points, ensure they are updated and performing any required regular scans.

A monthly report highlighting areas of concern (such as end points with high malware counts) and recommendations is produced to provide you with an overall high-level view of the endpoint risks.

Features of Risk Shield managed enterprise Anti-Malware:

  • Cloud managed enterprise endpoint protection. No need for on premise infrastructure
  • Enterprise Antivirus and Anti-malware protection
  • Fully managed service
  • Pay monthly or yearly

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