Risk Shield Services

Introducing an effective and innovative approach that improves your cyber security capability and reduces your risk and exposure to attacks.

Focused on Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) including flow analysis.
Our SIEM solution uses the power of the best-in-class IBM QRadar and Watson technology.
Delivered as a managed service to you by PicNet in collaboration with IBM.

Cyber security attacks:

  • Are costly and highly disruptive events
  • Can damage your company reputation
  • Can erode revenue and profitability
  • Can disrupt your customers, staff and partners
  • Are pervasive and an ever-present threat to your company

Cyber security is the collective responsibility of everyone in the company, not just security and technology teams.

From the ground staff to the board, from CEO to line of business management, we are all responsible.

We know that companies are not well equipped to handle attacks.

The speed of innovation by malicious actors is difficult to curb.

This means that companies need to learn, while they build a defensive and offensive capability.

This is where we come in …

We offer a process to get you started
and a solution to reduce your exposure.

It’s practical and affordable.

We call our unique approach Risk Shield Services.
This is now available as a managed services offering.

Risk Shield Services is run by experienced business and IT professionals.

With focus and best-in-class technology designed to:

  • Protect your business assets
  • Identify potential security weaknesses
  • Show you how to plan instead of waiting for a big problem to fester
  • Increase vigilance with smart technology, tools and expertise
  • Stop threats
  • And to improve compliance – from board to management and users
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We make it easy and affordable for you.

Our method involves evaluation, planning, implementation, management and ongoing adaptation through joint learning.

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