Our Predictive Analytics offering combines experienced systems and data engineering, data visualization, cutting edge machine learning and deep learning technologies; wrapped in a streamlined delivery framework that provides real answers to questions about future business conditions allowing for improve decision-making, risk assessment and greater business potential. 
Implementing a predictive analytics solution is not intrusive to your organisation’s IT, does not require an established data warehouse and can deliver results at a fraction of the cost and time needed by traditional data analytics solutions.

PicNet’s Predictive Analytics offering and Centazio set to go global

PicNet has been chosen as a participant in the 2015 Elevate61 program . Elevate61 is a program jointly run by Advance and KPMG Australia to enable high performing Australian businesses to fast track their growth in Australia , the United States and beyond.

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Benefits of Predictive Analytics

  • Low cost
  • Fast to implement and delivers results
  • No need for complex data warehouse or related IT infrastructure
  • No need for existing Business Intelligence or Data Analytics software
  • Works with structured and unstructured data in multiple formats from multiple sources

PicNet will

  • Improve the accuracy of sales and demand forecasting
  • Improve customer segmentation and targeting
  • Optimise marketing campaigns
  • Help with supply chain optimisations
  • Reduce risk
  • Identify fraud

How Predictive Analytics differs from traditional analytics

Traditional analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) is usually slow and costly to implement. These systems require access to internal data sources and are very intrusive into an organisation’s IT department as they require data warehouses, data cubes, and the servers and software to run this infrastructure. Traditional analytics provides organisations with answers to what has happened in the past through reports and charts that must be interpreted by a data analyst with intimate understanding of the business. In comparison PicNet’s Predictive Analytics is fast, nimble and very cost effective. We do not require data warehouses. Instead we take extracts of organisations’ internal data, which is then analysed in combination with any relevant external data by a set of machine learning algorithms. PicNet can provide you with not only highly visual reports but also answers and future predictions which can help your organization make real business decisions. Some of these business decisions could be:

Some of these business decisions could be:

  • What marketing campaign will give me the best return on my investment
  • How much of a product to manufacture to reduce oversupply whilst guaranteeing no undersupply
  • How to measure customer risk

    In addition, PredictBench runs using Cloud computing technology, which makes it an excellent solution because you don’t need to buy expensive hardware.

    How much will it cost?

    Predictive Analytics is used to develop a proof of concept and will be customised for you within four to eight weeks. It will cost between $10,000 and $20,000, depending on a number of factors to be confirmed on consultation.
    Maximise the value of your data
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    What if I don’t have good data?

    Predictive analytics requires good data, but even if you don’t have good data today it shouldn’t stop you from trying to gather it for the future.

    PicNet can help you modify your existing systems to start recording good data today.

    What if I don’t have big data?

    You can gain enormous insights from your small data if it’s good quality. In fact, the buzzword ‘big data’ is so prevalent because prior to the use of predictive analytics, there was no point to having large quantities of data; it just wasn’t possible for humans to process it efficiently.

    Why PicNet?

    PicNet’s experience in data systems development spans more than 10 years. Our predictive analytics team is led by the Kaggle master Guido Tapia, a world-class machine learning practitioner with more than 20 years of development and artificial intelligence experience. Guido has built a small team of highly passionate and competent data scientists who are always looking for the next big challenge.

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