June 2014
PicNet's 12th Birthday

Happy Birthday PicNet – Celebrating Our 12 Year anniversary!

12 years ago, PicNet was created with the goal of providing superior IT services.

We would like to thank our customers for their trust and confidence and we would like them to know that our commitment to meet their needs is higher than ever.

We are looking forward to proving our dedication to our customers in this dynamic business environment as well as the possibility of taking on new, exciting, and challenging projects.

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PicNet renews the Microsoft Partner Gold Competency for Application Development.

The Microsoft Gold partnership certification is the highest level a Microsoft partner can achieve. It demonstrates PicNet’s deep knowledge of Microsoft technologies and methodologies including but not limited to: Windows operating systems, Windows Server, Microsoft Azure & Windows Phone.

This achievement demonstrates PicNet's ability to meet customers' needs in a dynamic and demanding business environment.

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Microsoft Gold Certified

F-35B 'Hover Jets’ in testing

2014 may not yet be the year for hoverboards, but perhaps this is a step in the right direction! As these F-35B jets on board the USS Wasp perform some amazing hover maneuvers, that future feels closer than ever.

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Hover jet

Does the world need a phone with two screens?

Russian company Yotaphone seems to think so, with the launch of their flagship Android phone. With a full-colour display on one side and an always-on, monochrome e-ink screen on the other, they aim to make checking your phone completely touch-free.

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Funny Video

If Google were a real guy: Part 2

Google is back in human form in this hilarious segment, faithfully answering questions for every bodily function, personal secret, and government-watch-list-worthy keyword. And in case you missed it, catch the first installment here.

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Funny Video

Kids react to old computers

What happens when you put a 1970’s era computer in the hands of kids who have never seen a floppy disk? This great video is a reminder of just how far technology can evolve in a lifetime.

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Kids React

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