June 2013

Chrome Launches Roll It Experiment

Google has launched yet another Chrome experiment, called Roll It. Basically a virtual Skee-ball game, this Chrome experiment allows players to compete with friends on their mobile devices.

Roll It is a modern version of classic boardwalk game that you can play on Chrome browser using your phone, or desktop or laptop computer. The difference between the mobile and desktop version is that Chrome on the phone lets you aim and roll the ball with a flick of your wrist, while Chrome on the computer renders the 3D graphics of the Roll It alley.

Smartphone picture uploads can reveal the location of your children's home, school, and play areas.

Pictures you’ve e-mailed or uploaded from your smartphone could be leaking location information threatening your safety or that of your children.

Tunetrace, photograph drawings to make music

Created for iPhone and iPad, Tunetrace is the latest music-making app to be developed by QApps, which aims to turn research and expertise into useful and exciting smartphone technology.

Drone That Follows You Around Is Way Less Messy Than Puppy

After leaving his uninspiring job at a bank, Sameer Parekh started his own company, called Falkor Systems, to further develop the concept of autonomous flying drones that don’t require a pilot.

Funny Video

Huge Bear Surprises Crew on EcoBubble Photo Shoot in BC

Check out what happened to this crew on a photoshoot for the EcoBubble washing machine. They were near Manning Park, BC.

Huge Bear Surprises Crew on EcoBubble Photo Shoot in BC

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Bridging Book

Bridging Book is a children's mixed-media picture-book that blurs the line between printed and electronic books. It consists of a printed book and a digital device, placed side-by-side, with synchronized content.

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