Issue 57 | February 2012

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This month, we've been busy preparing for the next PicNet Users Group on the topic of Cloud Computing. We're going full steam ahead with cloud computing, partnering with IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise, allowing us to deliver infrastructure solutions that save costs and boost organisational productivity. Read more about IBM SCE here or watch the video.

  • PicNet Enterprise Cloud

    PicNet News

    PicNet Enterprise Cloud

    We've partnered with IBM to deliver a number of Enterprise Cloud solutions.

  • Gmail Man

    Funny | Video

    Gmail Man

    Microsoft takes a stab at Google with this humourous short, Gmail Man.

  • The Bark Side

    Funny | Video

    The Bark Side

    A canine chorus barks a familiar tune.

  • Nightclub Fall

    Interesting | Video

    Nightclub Fall

    This guy probably woke up with more than a hangover. Watch the video

  • Amazing Bar Tricks

    Interesting | Video

    Amazing Bar Tricks

    This is a TGI Fridays Bar in Manchester England. Nice bar, even IF you do not drink, this is worth seeing...

  • iFactory

    Interesting | Video


    Bill Weir takes an in-depth look into the factory that makes Apple products.

  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    Interesting | Video

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    Featuring a brand new interface that re-invents the way Windows is used. Check it out here.

  • Bark Worse Than Bite

    Funny | Video

    Bark Worse Than Bite

    Watch as a French Bulldog gets punked by a cat!

  • Bad Day in the Office

    Interesting | Video

    Bad Day in the Office

    Think twice before hitting your computer on a bad day...Watch the video.

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