Health, Pharmaceuticals and Manufacturing

Since the 1980s, manufacturing in Australia has undergone substantial structural change, influenced by a number of factors including globalisation, technical change and changing consumer preferences.

More specifically, the Pharmaceutical industry in Australia is facing increasing pressure to reduce costs, in order to remain competitive. This can be achieved through a variety of ways - cost reduction through sustainable manufacturing strategies, developing a streamlined and consistent global supply network and controlling COGS. Changing out-dated IT is critical to this rationalisation and essential for the long term success of the industry in Australia.

The PicNet team can help both global and Australian Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical businesses manage their technology to improve agility, at a manageable, predictable cost. The right systems can make all the difference to productivity, but the cost and complexity of installing and running them can often seem like it outweighs the benefits. PicNet's team can mitigate those risks and help you manage your IT from design and specification all the way to operational support and help desk, all for a predictable cost.

Whatever type of technology advice and services you need, PicNet has a team of individuals with a unique combination of deep technical knowledge and industry know how - and if we don't have the all the answers - we will know someone who does.

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