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Guido Tapia

October 27, 2009

Advanced Javascript Tutorials

I've decided to do a series of videos on using Javascript. I believe that js is one of the most poorly used tools out there and I think that is because it is different to most languages and those differences are slight enough to slip under the cov ...

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David Booth

October 23, 2009

Gartner outlines 10 strategic technologies for 2010

Cloud computing and green solutions high on the list for next year! ...

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Marco Tapia

October 22, 2009

A CIO can help the corporation to increase revenue

In the past, IT was a significant expense and seen as a necessary evil. Later, it became "an enabler," helping organisations make processes more efficient and in many cases, increase productivity by removing costly labour from the process. ...

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Marco Tapia

October 13, 2009

Web 2.0 - what is it? A practical and realistic definition of Web 2.0

After reading many web sites, discussed with peers, IT professionals, Marketing people, etc, I think I have come across to best possible definition of Web 2.0 I attended an AMCHAM seminar by Dominic Thurbon from the ...

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Marco Tapia

September 30, 2009

New web site for PicNet - 50 reasons why you need a web site

We have produced a new web site for PicNet [] including a refreshed corporate image, look and feel. Our top notch web designer, the creative and the development teams have put together a great web site to ...

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Guido Tapia

September 25, 2009

Rendering a Spark Partial View to a string

I needed to do this recently so I searched the interweb and quickly found this great article by Brent Edwards: http://blo [] ...

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