Media and ICT

When technology is so core to your industry that business would completely fail without it, IT decisions are the most critical ones you make every day.

Media and IT companies become more successful by using the latest advances in technology to better serve the needs of audiences, advertisers, sponsors, customers or partners. Customers and partners of Media and IT companies demand information in real time and with ever changing requirements. IT needs to be flexible to cope with those changes.

In Media, changes in requirements are driven by a fundamental shift from Broadcast to On-demand across multiple devices, challenging the traditional forms of measurements and analytics needed to make informed decisions.

In IT Businesses and Software Development companies in particular, the challenges are similar - how do we deliver the best possible solutions, matching user requirements, using the most appropriate technology in the time the users demand? New technology can be both an enabler and inhibitor. It takes time for staff to learn new skills and make sure those skills are retained. And of course, project management failures are all too costly.

At PicNet we understand these challenges and can help you make informed choices for your core IT and freeing you from the day to day running of your operational IT. And when your business needs some specialist technical skills or project support, PicNet is there to help.

Whatever type of technology services or support you need, PicNet has a team of individuals with a unique combination of deep technical knowledge and industry know how - and if we don't have the all the answers, we will know someone who does.

Hear how our current Media and ICT customers have been helped with these challenges