Transport, Logistics and Maritime

Through our work with Logistics and Maritime customers, PicNet has learnt that the key to success is to stay on top of significant operational challenges.

These challenges include:
  • Satisfying increasingly demanding suppliers and customers.
  • Managing complex risk.
  • Increasing visibility into your supply chain.
  • Improving inventory controls.
  • Controlling operational costs.
  • Maintaining labour and operations agility.
PicNet has a proven record for helping Maritime and Logistics companies achieve their goals. Whether it's the need for visibility into your data, inventory levels and delivery schedules or help with managing an ever changing need for global communication and collaboration - PicNet can help.

Whatever type of technology advice or service you need, PicNet has a team of individuals with a unique combination of deep technical knowledge and industry know how - and if we don't have the all the answers - we will know someone who does.

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