Guido Tapia

Director of Software Development & Machine Learning Services

Guido currently manages the Software Development, Centazio and PredictBench (Predictive Analytics) teams at PicNet.

In his role as PredictBench manager, Guido is responsible for building predictive analytics, machine learning and data visualisation platforms for many companies in a broad range of industries in Australia and across the world. Guido has also been the lead developer / data scientist responsible for the building of several machine learning libraries for .Net, R and Python languages. PredictBench is currently supported by these frameworks which continue to evolve as the research grows and matures.

The methodologies, tools and processes that PredictBench uses to support its customers is also the backbone of Centazio, a machine learning platform for marketing optimisation. Guido leads the development of Centazio which uses various machine learning techniques to identify the return on investment on past marketing campaigns and uses this data to predict optimal marketing campaigns in the future. For more information see Centazio.com.

Guido also manages the Software Development team at PicNet which specialises in delivering complex systems that are usually beyond the capabilities of regular outsourcing companies. Such systems as; highly distributed systems, machine learning solutions, business critical applications, etc.

Prior to joining PicNet, Guido was a senior developer and team leader at Gaming and Entertainment Group where he was responsible for critical systems design and the use of artificial intelligence techniques to test the gaming infrastructure and the identification of fraudulent or suspicious behaviour.

Guido earned a Bachelor of Computing Science and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.

To find out more, read Guido's Blog.


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