Clients and Industries

Since the 1980s, manufacturing in Australia has undergone substantial structural change, influenced by a number of factors including globalisation, technical change and changing consumer preferences.
Through our work with Logistics and Maritime customers, PicNet has learnt that the key to success is to stay on top of significant operational challenges.
When technology is so core to your industry that business would completely fail without it, IT decisions are the most critical ones you make every day.
Through our work with businesses across Australia, PicNet has learned that driving business efficiency to increase productivity - whether in core business, operations, or in IT - drives the majority of strategic decisions. At Picnet we are all about helping our customers increase productivity through the effective use of IT.
The PicNet team can help both medium and large building and construction companies to manage their technology to improve agility, at a manageable, predictable cost.
Organisations trun to PicNet when they need their IT Infrastructure, Enterprise, Software and IT Projects delivered on time, on budget and cannot achieve this with their current internal resources.