The Problem

Marketers are under increasing pressure to maximize ROI

Consumers are increasingly price conscious and online marketing has broadened the options for marketing investment.

Maximising ROI of marketing spend is becoming increasingly important.

CEO's & Boards are demanding more evidence on results of marketing spend

In the past, CMOs have relied on gut feeling to make investment decisions. As businesses get more sophisticated at using data, CEOS are demanding ROI evidence before investing.

Calculating marketing ROI is notoriously hard

With so many channels available, the growing number of digital options and the difficulty in tracking the entire funnel all the way down to the sale, marketing ROI is notoriously hard to calculate and report. Even harder, is to predict the ROI of a future campaign.

The Solution

Centazio utilises Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics to assist CMOs

Machine Learning is used to calculate the ROMI of past campaigns, build mathematical models and then make recommendations on future campaigns based on predicted ROMI.

Centazio drives CMOs to better justify marketing investment

Centazio will give you a deeper insight into how you different marketing campaigns have performed and will provide with recommendations for future campaigns, based on predicted ROMI.

How We Do It

Using machine learning / predictive analytics

Centazio uses computer algorithms to learn from historical data, build mathematical models and make predictions.

Models are not programmed by humans but built by the learning algorithms of Centazio.

Using multiple data sources

Every business is different. We develop systems to collect and integrate your data from multiple sources including sales, marketing spend and other internal or external sources that provide useful data.

SaaS(Software as a Service) - No lock in contracts &  No hardware 

Centazio is cloud based, SaaS (no hardware needed), no lock in contracts. Total flexibility.

Marketing ROI Explained