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Guido Tapia

April 13, 2018

Diminishing Returns in Machine Learning Projects

Any machine learning practitioner will tell you that there is a certain point in time where trying to eke out more performance/accuracy from a project seems like more effort than its worth. At PicNet [] we always s ...

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Guido Tapia

May 5, 2019

PyTorch Implementation of "Unsupervised learning by competing hidden units" MNIST classifier

I recently watched this lecture [] by Dmitry Krotov and found it very interesting so I thought it would make a good paper to try to reproduce. My original thoughts were that this could potenti ...

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Marco Tapia

June 21, 2021

Modern Enterprise Systems Architecture

The world has changed. Technology has changed. Twenty-five years ago, we did not have the internet. Now, we could not live without it. Enterprise systems used to be larg ...

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Guido Tapia

August 10, 2022

.Net / IIS - Svelte Project Template

We recently published [] a simple, lightweight project template to help you start building a Svelte SPA (Si ...


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