Download XGBoost Windows x64 Binaries and Executables

by Guido Tapia

in software-engineering,

September 22, 2016

[Edit]: It appears the XGBoost team has fixed pip builds on Windows. There are also nightly artifacts generated. As such, I hereby turn off my nightly builds.

[Edit]: These builds (since 19th of Dec 2016) now have GPU support. If this causes any issues let me know and I’ll create 2 separate binaries.

I will be attempting to host nightly builds of XGBoost. The full list of builds is here:

Any missing days mean a failure of the build script on that night.

Installing the Python Wrapper

Please follow these instructions to prepare XGBoost for use with Python. I am placing xgboost in a directory called xgboost_install_dir but this can be anything.

  • git clone xgboost_install_dir
  • copy libxgboost.dll (downloaded from this page) into the xgboost_install_dir\python-package\xgboost\ directory
  • cd xgboost_install_dir\python-package\
  • python install

Using the Python Library

import xgboost
xr = xgboost.XGBRegressor(), y)