XchangeIT - a great Australian IT success story

by Marco Tapia

in management-it-consulting,

April 7, 2011

XChangeIT Software Pty Ltd is a consortium comprised of Australia’s three leading magazine distributors.

It provides an electronic trading platform for newsagents and distributors to share delivery, sales and returns information.

It is used by over 2500 newsagents nationally.

XchangeIT connects agents to distributors to streamline business processes, enable sales growth and reduce waste.

XChangeIT is an industry initiative by 3 major magazine distributors, Gordon & Gotch, NDD Distribution Pty Ltd, and Network Services, and was formed in 2001 to reduce and remove supply chain costs while adding measurable value to Newsagents, Distributors/Suppliers and POS Suppliers.  A fourth distributor, John Sands Greeting Card Company, joined the team in 2003, and the Australian Newsagents’ Federation is a consortium member.

The CEO, Chris Leach, has been running the company since February 2009.