Which browser do you use and why?

by David Booth

in it-support,

July 2, 2009

Image courtesy of www.tothepc.com

There is much more competition in the browser market these days. Long gone are the days when Internet Explorer ruled. Many people are ditching the empire’s browser in favour of others such as Mozilla’s Firefox, Google Chrome & Apple’s Safari. So what does this mean for the corporate organisations out there? Are we going to see similar pressure put on them much like social networking sites and personal smartphone devices. Should you be able to choose which browser you use at work? Or should the IT department dictate that it is going to continue to rollout and support Internet Explorer only.

Lets face it some of these new browsers just offer better browsing speed and customization compared to the juggernaut’s browser.

So we have 4 main players in the browser market each releasing a new version of there browser.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5
  • Google Chrome 2
  • Apple Safari 4

So which browser do you use and why?

Personally I’m using Firefox 3.5 at home and work because of its speed, simplicity and customization by way of plugins.