The Venezuelan Crisis with a technology silver lining


This is what unchecked Socialism can do to a rich country!.

Terrible to see so many Venezuelans leaving their country.



It used to be a great country.



Hyperinflation Hits 80,000% Per Year in 2018












A silver lining in the Venezuelan crisis. Hyperinflation meets tech.

Cash-scarce Venezuela sees boom in payment apps

Venezuela’s hyperinflation, one of the first of the digital era, is producing surprise winners in a tough business climate: small technology companies based in the crisis-stricken country.

“We don’t handle cash because our clients don’t have it,” he added. “With the applications I use, I’ve got their money before they’ve even left the parking lot.”

“I accept transfers. I have Tpago, Vippo and almost all the applications out there!” said one merchant, as he clutched a worn-out tablet and a basic mobile phone.



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Feb, 14, 2019