The future of IT departments...

by Marco Tapia

in management-it-consulting,

September 10, 2010

Is the influence of the IT department waxing or waning in today’s organisations?

Lou Hablas (director of IT for RZIM): “Cloud computing will undoubtedly reduce the need for staff at the organisational level, but likely increase the need for staff at the cloud level and the outsourcing level. I think the rise of locally-based consulting and tech support companies — many with ties to the cloud as well — is evidence of this accelerating trend.”

Mike Wagner (CIO for Stone & Youngberg): “The tendency to outsource the pure technology function to managed service providers will continue to increase.

Chris Riccuiti (CIO of Needham and Company, LLC): “While it’s true that infrastructure jobs will shift to vendor data centres, those jobs will be replaced with more ‘business-centric’ IT folks that will still reside in-house.”

Jeff Relkin (director of IT for Quadel): “As technology becomes ever more commoditised and as the availability of objects for application construction without traditional development continues to expand, the need for in-house IT resources will dwindle.



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Jason Hiner, TechRepublic on September 6th, 2010