Support Ambitious Growth in your Company with Microsoft Dynamics 365

by Marco Tapia

in microsoft-dynamics-365,

February 18, 2021

In this modern era of digital experiences and the need to adjust with fluctuations in demand, organisations need to align their marketing and sales teams through common customer data, connected processes, and Office 365 integration to reduce costs and manage leads more efficiently.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 equips your team with a unified, scalable platform to meet your specific business needs through improved customer data. With unified relationship data across the full customer lifecycle, organizations can utilize AI to generate actionable insights and create more meaningful customer connections.

TGI Friday’s popular and rapidly growing restaurant franchise in the UK wanted a more scalable, flexible platform for core business processes. To support its ambitious growth, the franchise is consolidating business operations starting with financial management on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Built-in functionality and ease-of-use mean that TGI Friday’s can continue to onboard more business processes while expanding its franchise. Benefits include lower costs, easier access to data, and better insight.

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