Recruiting permanent/full time IT staff may not be the way to go if your core business is not IT.

by Marco Tapia

in it-management,

June 30, 2009

Is Information Technology (IT) your core business?

The reason why most users bypass or hate the internal IT department is because they are always too busy to do what they are supposed to do i.e. service their customers. Why they are so busy? Mainly because they spend a huge amount of time managing people rather than managing outputs/results/objectives.

Most CIOs love empires. Empires where they can have many people reporting to them (they usually get paid by the size of the empire). What about getting the job done? They think the job will be done by the empire, but instead, what occurs is that they spend most of their time managing holidays, sick leave, performance reviews, people’s problems, etc… instead of delivering the services that they are supposed to deliver.

The answer… if your core business is not IT, get the experts to do it. IT companies of all sizes, aligned to the size of the situation you have, can manage from a few desktops to many thousands of them. IT companies can write software, that is what they do for a living. They do it better and at the end cheaper than you - regardless how many clever people you have in your IT department.

Additionally, it will cost you much less. Some ideas of the savings are explained in this whitepaper.