Predictions...What is likely to occur in our lifetime

by Marco Tapia

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September 28, 2016

Futurists predict that our future is going to change very quickly this century and assuming they are correct our world is going to be exciting and fascinating for generations to come.
Going by “The Future of the Internet - 7 Big Predictions of 2020”, the following 7 internet driven predictions might happen:
1. Over 5 billion people will use the Internet by 2020
2. Developing countries will witness the biggest growth
3. The Internet of Things will change the way we look at the Internet
4. The Internet will be wireless
5. Everything will be on the cloud
6. The Internet will be eco-friendly
7. Hackers – there will be more of them
Now, if you want me to get the real crystal ball and see what will happen by 2030, (only 14 years to go) here are “33 Dramatic Predictions for 2030”. The authors states that by 2030, “Humanity will change more in the next 20 years than in all of human history”.
My top 10 are:
1. By 2030 over 80% of all doctor visits will have been replaced by automated exams. Details here.
2. By 2030 over 10% of all global financial transactions will be conducted through Bitcoin or Bitcoin-like crypto currencies.
3. By 2030 we will seen a growing number of highways designated as driverless-vehicle only. Details here
4. By 2030, the world’s largest Internet company will be in the education business, and it will be a company we have not heard of yet.
5. By 2030 over 2 billion jobs will have disappeared, freeing up talent for many new fledgling industries. Details here.
6. By 2030 we will see the first city to harvest 100% of its water supply from the atmosphere. Details here.
7. By 2030 over 50% of all traditional colleges will collapse, paving the way for an entire new education industry to emerge. Details here.
8. By 2030 we will see a surge of Micro Colleges spring to life, each requiring less than 6 months of training and apprenticeship to switch professions. Details here.
9. By 2030 we will see the first hurricane stopped by human intervention.
10. By 2030 traditional pharmaceuticals will be replaced by hyper-individualised medicines that are manufactured at the time they are ordered. Details here. Fun with the future:
Now if you want to have a bit of a laugh about the future and the above predictions, here is how Jimmy Kimmel Live sees the future of what Google is currently testing. A new business that would compete directly with Uber. With this new ride service, Google is using their detailed analytics to give customers what they are calling “The ultimate in ride-share convenience.”
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Marco Tapia