PredictBench set to go global

by Guido Tapia

in software-engineering,

April 1, 2015

The official announcement of the Elevate 61 participants was release today. We are very proud to be included in this list. Our latest offering “PredictBench” has been recognised as being innovative and exciting enough for Advance and KPMG to help us take it to the US!!

This means we will be extremely busy in the coming weeks/months traveling to the US, meeting and presenting PredictBench to companies and potential partners.

Over the next few months PicNet will be showcasing PredictBench in Los Angeles, San Franciso and New York as well as in all Australian major cities.

This is a wonderful opportunity that will help companies around the world take advantage of our PredictBench solution that we have worked very hard to build and are extremely proud of.

What is PredictBench

PredictBench is a solution that helps organisations predict with confidence future business events based on their own historical data and other influencer factors. It allows organisations to answer questions such as:

  • What marketing campaign will give me the greatest return on investment
  • How much of a certain product to produce to reduce oversupply whilst guaranteeing no undersupply
  • How can we measure the risk a customer represents

In the past these technologies have only been available to Silicon Valley research start-ups or corporate giants. We bring this technology to all corporations and government entities in an affordable and efficient solution that aims to deliver real value for money.

For more information please visit the PredictBench page, watch the short video or download the flyer.