PicNet Mouse Eye Tracking Service Limited Release

by Guido Tapia

in software-engineering,

January 27, 2010

You may have noticed that I have been a bit quiet over the last few weeks, this is because we have been working very hard to release a new product and it gives me great pleasure to announce that today we have flicked on the switch.

The product is called the Mouse Eye Tracking service. It is basically a web analytics product that records your visitors mouse interactions with your web site. You then use our product to analyse these interations and get value from them. You can think of it as a more visual ‘Google analytics’ (however the products are very different and supplement each other nicely).


Heat Maps Check out where our visitors are viewing our home page:

Or where they are ‘clicking’

User Trackings You can also just replay the user interactions on your site. Either one at a time or all at once:

Page Navigation

You can also visualize how your visitors are navigating around on your site:


One of the reasons I’m so proud of this product is because of the number of technical hurdles that had to be overcome to get a successful solution. I will be blogging about these in detail over the next few weeks in the hope that someone can learn from our trials and tribulations. But some of the issues we had to address were:

  • Capacity of a high volume, highly data driven application
  • Speed of visualisation generation on javascript
  • Threading in javascript
  • Best tools for large development team in a javascript project
  • Large javascript application programming practices
  • Html 5
  • IE Issues (Which we have deferred for now)
  • Unit testing in javascript (and continous testing) + multiple browsers

Limited Release

As mentioned above, this is a limited release. So no media releases yet, we are taking it slowly just to make sure we have nailed down all the capacity issues. But this is too exciting not to at least blog about it so feel free to subscribe and give it a try. Please send me any feedback you may have, either through comments below, email or just use the built in feedback submission form in the system.

Thanks All

Guido Tapia, Software Development Manager PicNet Pty Ltd