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by Marco Tapia

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September 21, 2021

Awarded by Diligent

September 2021


PicNet awarded the Diligent award in the category Digital Transformation Innovator

On behalf of everyone at Diligent, I am pleased to congratulate PicNet on being recognized as one of the 2021 Modern Governance 100 recipients in the Digital Transformation Innovator category.

Full list of recipients here.  

The Modern Governance 100 was designed to provide board members, elected officials, executives and peers the opportunity to honor governance, IT, audit, risk, compliance and ESG professionals like yourself, and the important contributions you are responsible for. This year, the program is particularly poignant with the introduction of six categories for nominations, showing the breadth of responsibilities including diversity and sustainability practices, digital transformation, cyber risk management, risk, compliance and audit and finally a commitment to local communities.  

As a recipient of the Digital Transformation Innovator category, our panel of expert judges have recognized your outstanding work to champion the digital transformation of governance, risk and compliance practices and driving operational efficiency through streamlined workflows. On behalf of the category judges, Anddria Clack-Rogers Varnado, Ana Plaza and Lisa Edwards, I would like to extend my congratulations and applaud you for your exemplary contributions to your organization.  

Again, my sincere congratulations on being named to this remarkable group of professionals from around the world. Behind every successful organization is a transformational leader - and I commend you for being that individual.     

Diligent - Brian Stafford -  CEO - www.diligent.com


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The case for the award

DILIGENT - Modern Governance 100 awards

Category: Digital Transformation Innovator

By CYCA (Cruising Yacht Club of Australia)

The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA), a long-term user of Diligent, is Australia’s premier yacht club and home to what is considered yachting’s ‘Everest’ – the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

In late 2019, CYCA decided to review its systems and applications with the view to reduce risk and improve productivity.

CYCA appointed Marco Tapia, Director of IT Consulting and Managing Director of PicNet Pty Ltd – an IT Services and Consulting firm based in Sydney NSW – to do the review and propose a Digital Transformation strategy.

PicNet’s team provided CYCA with a strategy for a complete Digital Transformation program, including porting CYCA’s IT infrastructure to the Cloud, using reputable public cloud providers, replacing its critical applications (Membership, Marina Management, Financials, POS and others) with modern off the shelf SaaS solutions.

The options were; to find an all-encompassing system to manage the club operations, relying again on one company for most of the critical operations; building new systems using platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics, or; by selecting multiple best in class, modern, state of the art,  subscription-based systems that could give CYCA long term operational viability, reliable systems at an affordable cost aligned to the size of the business and with technology capabilities that use the latest multi-device platforms and cloud technologies.

This latter strategy was adopted by the board, and it is currently under implementation.

The strategy will provide CYCA with a platform that is highly reliable, responsive, low risk, and with functionality that will serve its members for many years to come.

In addition to significant enhancements to member services, the new strategy will reduce a number of Governance and operational risks and will generate significant productivity gains. 

The recommended transformation, agreed by Management and approved by the board, is based on a comprehensive study of options available worldwide and strategic, technical, and operational considerations, including risks. The strategy, provides numerous benefits to CYCA that will include improvements in productivity, customer service, speed of operation, lower cost, flexibility, less risk using the latest technology, including multidevice and access from anywhere any time.

Significant cost savings are achieved by using large and small providers, subscription-based solutions, all integrated using Microsoft Azure Integration Services, and an executive dashboard using Microsoft Power BI. Whilst the use of small providers may give the impression of increased risk, they are instead easily and quickly replaced.

The new architecture is under implementation and expected to be fully in place early in 2022.

For more about PicNet contact: Marco Tapia - IT Consulting Services Advisor

marco.tapia@picnet.com.au     www.PicNet.com.au