Mouse Eye Tracking - How to get real value from your website

by Marco Tapia

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January 27, 2010

We are releasing on a limited fashion (during February) our new product the PicNet Mouse Eye Tracking service.

The PicNet’s Mouse Eye Tracking service provides a sophisticated, effective (and free) IT solution that maximises the investment in your website by showing in detail what your visitors are viewing on each page.

Guido, PicNet’s Software Development Manager and Architect of the PicNet’s Mouse Eye Tracking has explained how this has been done in his blog:

Based on solid user behaviour research and using the latest web technologies, the PicNet Mouse Eye Tracking service can help your company understand the behaviour of your web site visitors and therefore optimise your web site design to add more value to those visitors.

I encourage you to read about our new offering by visiting the following link:

You can also seek further understanding of the PicNet Mouse Eye Tracking service by watching the video on:

A comprehensive FAQ section has been provided explaining the benefits, features and limitations of the service. This is available under the Products (Mouse Eye Tracking) section of our web site

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