Manage Financial Risk and Reduce Fraud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

by Marco Tapia

in microsoft-dynamics-365,

February 28, 2021

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection helps businesses protect their revenue and reputation by providing tools to decrease fraud and abuse, reduce operational expenses, and increase acceptance rates. It combats purchase, account, and omni-channel return and discount fraud with its adaptive AI technology that continuously learns evolving fraud patterns.

As an example, merchandise theft, fraud, and false returns are all common problems in the fashion retail industry. Fashion retailer BESTSELLER had a problem when it came to losing revenue to false returns and theft, but they could not identify the issue consistently across geographies. In this customer journey, we learn how BESTSELLER launched a successful pilot program utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection to remedy this situation.

After the initial deployment, BESTSELLER expanded the program to include all European stores and eventually scaled worldwide. This boosted their overall core of value of trust and resulted in millions of dollars in saved revenue.

Watch this video to learn their story and find out how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection can help save your revenue and reputation.

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