Improve Patient Care with Digital Health Solutions Powered by Microsoft

by Marco Tapia

in microsoft,

March 21, 2021

In the healthcare industry, improved patient experiences often start with modernizing outdated processes, through empowering employees via cloud-based collaboration software, or both. By implementing solutions that allow them to reduce their dependence on outdated technology, healthcare providers can offer patients new ways to apply for and receive the potentially lifesaving services they need.

Modern collaboration tools also empower employees and decision-makers to make more profound data-driven decisions and become even more effective at their roles, improving patient satisfaction. Digital technology has the potential to improve health services by allowing organizations to explore almost every way in which patients can be put at the centre of their healthcare experience.

Digital investment is critical for healthcare providers to power better patient experiences by increasing efficiency and modernizing outdated processes. Outdated technology isn’t just a minor inconvenience. It can lead to unnecessary workarounds that make employees less efficient at their jobs and hinder providers’ capacity to deliver critical services to the patients who need them most.

For businesses and organizations in the healthcare industry, adopting new, frictionless technologies that enable them to improve the accessibility of their services is crucial to staying relevant and improving their patients’ experiences.

Watch this video to learn how the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Victoria, Australia, is using Microsoft technology to successfully integrate paperless processes, seamlessly share information to make better decisions, and fully support the department’s strategic vision of improving the lives of all.

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