Four technologies helping us to fight corruption

by Marco Tapia

in management-it-consulting,

February 28, 2019

Corruption chips away at democracy to produce a vicious cycle, where corruption undermines democratic institutions and, in turn, weak institutions are less able to control corruption.




This is a fascinating report on corruption. It is impressive to see the correlation of poverty and corruption, lack of democracy and corruption, authorsitarian regimes and corruption, lack of freedom and corruption.




We take freedom and other liberties for granted. Let’s not do so. Let’s keep it in check.

I encourage you to visit the source website below. An eye opener. Transparency International -


In case you are curios, from 180 countries and although declining, Australia is high up on # 13th making it a low corruption country!

Four technologies helping us to fight corruption

The ‘data revolution,’ which refers to both quantities of data now available and technological innovation, has the potential to tackle key issues in society including corruption. Some of these technologies include Big Data, Data Mining, Mobile Applications and Forensic Tools


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