Empower citizen developers to create and innovate with Microsoft Power Apps

by Marco Tapia

in microsoft-power-platform,

December 16, 2020

Need application solutions quickly to address imminent challenges? The days of expensive IT and lengthy development cycles are over. Microsoft Power Apps empowers your workforce to become citizen developers who build and share applications. Your team can build app solutions quickly with useful templates and drag-and-drop simplicity.

Watch how Samit Saini did it. Samit worked airport security at Heathrow Airport and loved to tinker with technology. One week after learning about Power Apps, Samit built his first app – a translation guide for frequently asked questions which saved 11,000 sheets of paper, 850 hours of time, and $460,000 in potential app costs. Samit transformed his career and now works in IT. See his success story in the video below.

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