Business future lies in cloud technology ?

by Marco Tapia

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October 24, 2014

My colleague David Booth recently wrote a nice article about Public Cloud Computing.

This can be found here.

David’s article is timely and confirmed by the statement that Business Future lies in Cloud Technology as reported by MICHAEL SMITH in the The Australian Financial Review - 24/10/14

”Business leaders say there are huge opportunities to be exploited from ­dramatic technological change that is dominating the way all companies do business.

Telstra and Business Council of ­Australia (BCA) chairman Catherine Livingstone said businesses risked falling behind if they did not adapt to changing cloud technologies and the pace of connectivity.

“If you go to Silicon Valley they will tell you software is eating the world, and it is. Every business has to be anchored in software,” she told the Financial Review JP Morgan Chanticleer Lunch.

“We see huge opportunities.

“The flow of data through our ­networks is extraordinary, the ­adoption of technologies, particularly cloud technologies by small business, is very encouraging.”

Ms Livingstone noted 40 per cent of Telstra’s revenues now came from mobile phones, mostly data, compared to a business that was previously dominated by revenues from voice calls.

Spotless chairman Margaret ­Jackson also said there were opportunities for Australian business.

“In the modern world we have very large global organisations that have grown up in quite a short period of time but have touched so many lives,” she said

Federation Centres chief Steven Sewell said the biggest challenge for businesses was the impact of technology, while also responding to ­customers who were becoming more informed.

“The way that technology was changing the way consumers ­interacted with retailers and how retailers interacted with us,” he said, when asked why technology was changing his business.

Santos chairman Ken Borda said there was new technology in the oil and gas sector available in the United States that had to be adapted into Australia.”

How right they both are.


Marco Tapia