Automatic Google Page Position Report

by Guido Tapia

in software-engineering,

March 10, 2010


The position of your website in the Google organic search is quickly becomming one of the most critical marketting measures. This page/script will allow you to automate this process.

How To

- You will get a jsapi key from google, something like this

’ABQIAXFEakaXw3_Fd-zqqMhjDLzqaRTTser7lsytcEDBoz0jKRWQmOpxexR7x409podV88a5eoPr2KIvw8Ub3B’ (Note this is not a valid key)

  • Download this html page/script and rename to .html (remove .txt extension)
  • Open this page in a text editor (note pad is just fine)
  • Replace(Line 53) with, you guessed it, your jsapi key.
  • On line 59 you will see the configuration for this file, you will need to change the following items

- lookfor (Line 66, 78, 87). These tell the script what to look for in the url and youtube title.

- On line 75, replace “Sydney, NSW” with a location that you think some of your clients would be searching from.

  • On line 228 the lookup table rows begin. You can add as many rows as you wish here. The rows must be in the format (replace):
<tr><td><Search term or phrase></td></tr>
  • You can have headers by adding rows in this format:
<tr class='header'><th>This is a header row</th></tr>
  • Open the file in your browser and click ‘Run Report’

Thats it, when the table is working you will get something that looks like this:

Let me know if you have any problems with this.


Guido Tapia Software Development Manager PicNet Pty Ltd