Are you still using tapes for your company backups? They were common in the 90's

by Marco Tapia

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March 23, 2014

During the 1990’s, tape was the best technology available for backing up and archiving computer data. But today there’s a better technology - cloud storage. The cloud is a network of servers that lets companies store and retrieve their data online. Let’s talk about how the cloud is a better data storage solution than tapes.

Storing data in the cloud is much easier, cheaper and quicker than storing it on tape, so I create multiple backups each day. If I experience a hard disk crash, I can restore data that’s only hours and even minutes old. With tape backups, the data might be a day or more old.

Cloud storage’s ease and low cost let me backup multiple versions of my data. Now I have the option of restoring an older version of a file if there’s something incorrect about the most recent.

The low cost also lets me create backups at two different destinations. If something is wrong with one cloud server, I can retrieve my data from the other. This redundancy gives me peace of mind.

Restoring data from tapes was a manual, lengthy process. Now, I can retrieve or restore a single file, a folder, or multiple folders in minutes.

Cloud storage gives me the ability to restore my data by myself due to simple user interface solutions. I no longer have to contact and wait on my IT department to retrieve my lost data from a backup tape.

Now, I can safely create backup images of my servers. If a server goes down, cloud computing lets me restart it in minutes.

With cloud backups, I pay low cost fees for the storage service. The fees are a fraction of the cost I once spent on tapes, server infrastructure, and physical storage space.

Thanks to solution such as CloudBerry, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and other reputable cloud providers there are several options for taking advantage of the latest cloud storage technology.

Are you still using tapes? If so, contact me for a consultation about how to transition to the low cost, efficient, secure and safe cloud storage technology.

Marco Tapia

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