Angular2 (NG2) Focus Directive

Requesting focus on an input field is surprisingly hard in angular2.  Especially when the input field is inside a dialog or an *ngIf that is not initially visible.

After much trial and error this is the solution I came up with.  It works on my machine and my scenarios, no other guarantees provided:

import {Directive, AfterViewInit, ElementRef, DoCheck} from '@angular/core';

@Directive({ selector: '[autofocus]' })
export class Autofocus implements AfterViewInit, DoCheck {
 private lastVisible: boolean = false;
 private initialised: boolean = false;
 constructor(private el: ElementRef) {}

ngAfterViewInit() {
 this.initialised = true;

ngDoCheck() { 
 if (!this.initialised) { return; }
 const visible = !!this.el.nativeElement.offsetParent;
 if (visible && !this.lastVisible) { 
 setTimeout(() => { this.el.nativeElement.focus(); }, 1);
 this.lastVisible = visible;

This directive hooks into the change detection loop and on iteration checks whether the input element marked with the attribute `[autofocus]` has become visible.  If so then we request focus.

It appears to work, however there may be scenarios and edge cases where this approach is too simplistic.  Give it a go and let me know how it goes.

Sep, 20, 2016