Marco Tapia

Marco Tapia

March 15, 2021

Enable Unified Experiences Across Medical Centres with Microsoft

The goals of digital health are complex and diverse. Preventing disease, reducing healthcare costs, customizing medicines to patient needs, and assisting in monitoring and managing chronic conditions are just some of them. Most of these aspiration ...

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Marco Tapia

March 21, 2021

Improve Patient Care with Digital Health Solutions Powered by Microsoft

In the healthcare industry, improved patient experiences often start with modernizing outdated processes, through empowering employees via cloud-based collaboration software, or both. By implementing solutions that allow them to reduce their depen ...

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Marco Tapia

March 29, 2021

Use Digital Collaboration to Increase Efficiency with Microsoft

Technology has revamped how teams work and businesses operate on a global scale. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and cloud technology have become essential to increasing flexibility and scalability. They also diversify the talent pool and allow tea ...

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Marco Tapia

June 21, 2021

Modern Enterprise Systems Architecture

The world has changed. Technology has changed. Twenty-five years ago, we did not have the internet. Now, we could not live without it. Enterprise systems used to be larg ...

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Marco Tapia

September 21, 2021

PicNet, a Digital Transformation Innovator

Awarded by Diligent September 2021 ANNOUCEMENT PicNet awarded the Diligent award in the category Digital Transformation Innovator On behalf of everyone at Diligent, I am pleased to cong ...

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Marco Tapia

September 27, 2021


Centazio PicNet's Centazio is a collection of services and products that facilitate the implementation of Azure Integration Services (iPaaS) Modern Enterprise Application Systems Architecture ...

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