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The Future of Fully Managed Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) brought to you by PicNet.

Is your business struggling with the following challenges?

  • Integrating legacy systems to modern ones
  • Being held hostage by legacy system vendors due to the cost and complexity of migration
  • Having poor company-wide visibility of your data
  • Having duplicated manual entry, which cause data errors
  • Having to deal with manual processes that should be automated
  • Dealing with data integrity issues due to all of the above

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What is Centazio

Centazio is a cloud-based, fully managed integration and centralised reporting platform. With Centazio we get all the data from all your business systems, we integrate them and give you a centralised reporting platform that gives you a company wide view of your organisation.

You focus on your business, let PicNet and Centazio focus on:

  • Ensuring each system has the latest and correct data
  • Providing a single source of reporting
  • Helping you migrate away from old and unsuitable platforms that have been too painful to abandon in the past
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How Can Centazio Help Your Business?

Our High-Level Principles Include:

  • Assuring Data Integrity and Security
  • Ensuring Fault Tolerance and Business Continuity
  • Audit Trail and Event Logging
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting
  • Supporting Multiple Cloud Platforms and On-Premise Systems
  • Providing a Single Source of Data for Company-wide Reporting
Services Centazio Offers:
  • Custom integration to any system, either through APIs, EDI or direct database access
  • Integration Management and Monitoring Services to ensure the integrity of your data
  • Reporting Database Capability
  • Managed Hosting
  • Workflow Automation
  • Highly Scalable and Secure


Manage and integrate all your data in the cloud or on premise, with modern integration services from PicNet

All of Your Data - iPaaS

Data integration is the process of combining data from different sources into a single, unified view. All of your SaaS, data, analytics, cloud and local in one place.

Eliminate Data Silos

A seamless and secured solution is essential to integrate the data from all these siloed platforms and combine them together and establish a smooth unified place to store them.

Improve Productivity

Access to the right data, anywhere, anytime on any device improves employee efficiency boosts productivity, and creates otherwise unavailable, actionable BI.

Quality Data. Quality Decisions.

Using our iPaaS technologies, as your data is integrated into a centralised system, critical issues can be identified quickly, and the quality of data can be drastically improved. Better data means better decisions.


Integration Services. Integration Solutions.

Access, Integrate and Connect Your Data

Are you ready to make all of your saas products, cloud and data sources work in concert?

Is your current solution “spaghetti”?

Many businesses implement point-to-point integrations that increase complexity and costs for support and maintenance. High maintenance code also serves to increase security risks. We call this approach spaghetti-style interfacing'. 'Spaghetti-style interfacing' reduces the business's ability to adapt to change.

A symphony of all your SaaS

For a robust digital transformation, application and data integration should be robust enough to support the large influx of data sources and systems and be flexible enough to support innovations ahead.

With the new generation of middleware solutions (iPaaS - Integration Platform as a Service) we create a robust and secure integration platform that allows real time and professional integration of multiple SaaS and legacy applications, based on the cloud, on premises or hybrid.

The iPaaS Technologies

There are a lot of ways to orchestrate your data and products. because we are product agnostic, we can give you the right solution every time.

The Right Solution Every Time

Some solutions are better at API management, communication protocols, data and application connectivity, data formatting, mapping, transformation, etc. The solution of choice depends on the problem at hand, but as a general rule, PicNet Integration Platform strongly supports Azure Integration Services and after that, other platforms.

There are numerous iPaaS solutions in the marketplace, including:

  • Microsoft Azure Integration Services
  • Informatica
  • Boomi
  • Mulesoft
  • Jitterbit
  • Others

Access, Integrate and Connect Your Data

PicNet Integration, Orchestration and Master Data Platform [Centazio]

Benefit from our considerable experience

Over time we have identified the most common tasks that most integration projects require.

From this experience, we have built Centazio to address these items quickly and efficiently.

The key tasks included that Centazio can solve for you today:
  • Efficient acquisition and deployment of Azure resources
  • Reproducible Azure deployment
  • Tools to start/stop Azure environments to reduce cost
  • Tools to assist in other miscellaneous and common maintenance tasks
  • Code to assist:
    • Efficient development of Azure functions
    • Efficient usage of Azure Service Bus
  • Best practices to assist in staging entities:
    • Staging is the step of copying source system data in an unmodified format to the database.
    • Best practices to assist in promoting entities (promoting is taking staging data and converting it into a common format that can then be saved in the master data database).
    • Best practices to assist in long-running and complex workflows
    • Best practices in creating a star-schema style master database that supports reporting out of the box
  • Managed services
    • Once the initial implementation is complete, PicNet provides ongoing maintenance, enhancements, upgrades and improvements under a longer-term Managed Services agreement.

Modern Enterprise Systems Architecture

Your systems are probably great, for the 1990's. doesn't your business, team and customers deserve the best solutions?

The world has changed. Technology has changed.

Twenty-five years ago, we did not have the internet. Now, we could not live without it.

Enterprise systems used to be large, clunky, expensive, slow, fragile, difficult to maintain, upgrade and replace. However, they used to be the only viable alternative for enterprises to have business systems to improve productivity. Sophisticated vendor management especially where the global configuration was paramount.

A symphony of all your SaaS

As the internet became more prevalent, there has been a significant evolution significantly of new public cloud architectures, new development and database tools, new reporting and multi-tenant capabilities. Consequently, the new best-practice way to deploy enterprise systems is not one large system, but instead, several small, SaaS subscription-based, low-cost, best in class systems for each functionality required.

If integrated correctly, each system talks to each other via an iPaaS solution - Microsoft Azure Integration Services.


Case Studies


This premier yacht club in Australia, are currently undergoing a major digital transformation that consists of around 10 systems to be replaced and eventually integrated to each other. Part of this process will be to migrate all their existing data to this new infrastructure.

Systems to be Replaced

Some of the systems that are included to be replaced are:

  • Member Management System
  • Marina Management System
  • Financial System
  • Payroll System
  • POS (Point of Sale) System
A 5 Year Blueprint

PicNet has been engaged to be involved in this digital transformation that will span 5 years and is responsible for all the integration requirements for all the 10 systems using Microsoft Azure Integration Services and Centazio.

Technologies (Azure Integration Services):

  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Service Bus
  • API Management
  • Event Grid
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Data Factory


This large aged care provider specializes on residential aged care and aims to enhance every resident's quality of life by maintaining personal connections with each other, their families, the staff, and the community. Several systems are currently in place for care provision and governance, staff culture, quality and compliance oversight and technology development to deliver exceptional resident experiences and improved business performance.

Proof of Concept

PicNet has been awarded with the development of an integration platform for two systems initially as a Proof of Concept (PoC) to make daily operations more efficient. These two systems are an HR system to optimise the management of the work force; and a Payroll/Finance system. This PoC integration will include the transfer of employee details, leave balances, and timesheet and pay run information between the two systems.

The Future Pipeline

This PoC was completed with outstanding results and the business is now looking to leverage the Centazio platform for other projects.

Technologies (Azure Integration Services):

  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Service Bus
  • API Management
  • Event Grid
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Data Factory


This private company is the leading provider of orientation and mobility services for people with low vision or blindness. These services include training people to use mobility aids such as canes, trained assistance dogs and electronic devices to assist people to travel with more safety and confidence in their environment.

Data Migration & Integration

PicNet was initially engaged to integrate their CRM with other applications and databases. Further to that, PicNet also migrated certain data from a legacy application to their CRM. This has helped the company to just have a single source of truth for all their business data. We are also in involved in continuous discussions for more integrations, data warehousing and data migrations planned for the near future.

The Technologies Used
  • Informatica
  • Centazio & Azure Integration Services
  • MS SQL
  • AirDocs
  • Scribe
  • Power Automate
  • Power Apps
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