Founded in 2001, PicNet has been a leading provider of IT services and solutions to Australian businesses and Government.
PicNet (People, Information and Collaboration Network) helps organisations use technology to increase productivity.

Organisations turn to PicNet when they need their IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Software and IT projects delivered on time, on budget and cannot achieve this with their current internal resources.

We help:
  • Because with us there are no surprises, we deliver on time every time at the agreed fixed price.
  • Because all projects are supported by highly skilled Engineers and Managers who care about relationships, delivering results and giving clients peace of mind.
PicNet has expertise in a multitude of areas across a variety of industries.

Some of these leading organisations include Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Green’s General Foods, NSW Health, Indivior Pharmaceuticals, Reckitt Benckiser, DMS Maritime-Serco, Novartis Australia, Michael Johnson and Associates, BNG Consulting, NSW Transport, Editor Group and others.

PicNet is a proud supporter of the starlight foundation

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Meet the Team

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Guido Tapia

Director of Software Development & Machine Learning Services

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David Booth

Director of Risk Shield Services & IT Support

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Marco Tapia

Director of IT Consulting Services & Managing Director

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