For Senior IT Business Managers and CIO’s who need to safeguard their business against operational downtime, data loss and loss of revenue, ResilientGate is a backup and disaster recovery as a service solution that minimises business disruption in the event things go wrong.

Unlike traditional solutions that require significant infrastructure investment, ResilientGate combines PicNet’s extensive risk management expertise with proven cloud technology.

Benefits of ResilientGate

Minimise downtime

Reliable, resilient and robust IT is paramount to having a successful business nowadays. You can’t afford to lose data or time. You need to be able to recover rapidly in the event of a downtime or disaster, and you can’t afford to have idle IT equipment in case of downtime.


Modern backups and recovery solutions allow you to pay on demand, i.e. only what you use and when you use it. At the same time, you should be able to comply with your regulatory requirements that guarantee your customers ongoing service and products, with minimum or no downtime.


ResilientGate will provide an effective solution with a reduction on floor space and elimination of expensive and cumbersome external storage, such as tapes. In addition, ResilientGate provides a full disaster recovery infrastructure to keep your business running without the need for physical external sites with costly redundant servers.


Having ResilientGate in place will enhance your reputation and give you and your customers ease of mind. It gives you a much better return on your IT investment – securely storing your business data in the cloud dramatically reduces your capital costs and the total cost of ownership.

How much will ResilientGate cost?

The cost of ResilientGate depends on a number of factors. On consultation, a fixed price proposal is developed which includes design, implementation and ongoing support. You should expect to pay between $2,000 and $15,000.


Reference cases:

  • Fremantle Media – ResilientGate for IT and production

  • Michael Johnston and Associates – ResilientGate for email, data and overall continuity
  • Reckitt Benckiser: service desk, business continuity planning and risk management

  • DMS Maritime: no more risky business at DMS
  • Fuji Xerox: business continuity planning.

Demystifying the Cloud

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  • How to manage risks in the Cloud
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