Helping Marketing managers plan for optimal campaigns and justify expenditure by accurately measuring and predicting the return on marketing investment (ROMI).

"Half the money spent on advertising is wasted; the trouble is to know which half" *

Marketeers still grapple with this issue of identifying what and which type of campaign will give them the best ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment).

Often marketing executives base their decisions on their experience (“gut feel”), sometimes backed by human analysis of their historical marketing and sales data. However these decisions are often suboptimal, because they are clouded by human emotions and biases, and based on incomplete data.

Using machine Learning, Centazio recommends which campaigns will result in the best ROMI allowing marketeers to make optimal business decisions on how to best use their marketing budget.

Centazio is fast to implement. It doesn’t require any IT infrastructure and will provide ROI within weeks, not months or years.

* John Wanamaker (Marketing pioneer)

Centazio Mind Map

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Marketing ROI Explained

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