We provide tailored and cost effective IT support, no matter what the size of your business. And we’re good at what we do, with extensive experience helping businesses succeed

Why Choose us?

Having quality IT support for your business is often easier said than done. You need a quality IT partner that is able to provide a superior level of service from level 1 technical support to account management. Since 2002 our customers have experienced:

  • Fast, responsive and efficient response to their IT issues
  • Friendly engineers that provide the “personal touch” which is just as important as technical expertise when it comes to IT support
  • Technology and practices that are up-to-date with the latest technology trends to enable their businesses to remain competitive.
  • Professional, enterprise grade IT support with procedures and processes that would normally only be found in large corporate IT departments ensuring their IT systems remain up and running
Our customers are attracted by our exceptional level of customer service and trusts us in providing them with the support and advice over a long term relationship.

Our managed services and IT support solutions

PicNet is able to provide custom IT support services and solutions to allow your organisation to focus on its core business.

  • Cloud solutions – reduce your costs by embracing ‘New World IT’.
  • Infrastructure planning and design – helps you build a stable, flexible and adaptable IT infrastructure.
  • Virtualisation – reap the rewards from server consolidation.
  • Network – manage, protect and optimise the communications fabric of your business.
  • Data storage and backup – control and manage data, its retention and compliance.
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity planning – ensure your business survives and grows despite disruptions.
  • Capacity planning, IT health checks and reporting – Help you to proactively identify potential problems.
  • IT security – Protect all five threat vectors: end points, data, network, email and web.

IT Service Desk

Download Service Desk Flyer

The PicNet Service Desk allows Australian companies with national or international offices to consolidate their remote IT support into one team accessible anytime, anywhere – Saving you money, time and management overhead

Australian Based Support – We operate out of Sydney Australia, providing support on clear, dedicated and lines and sophisticated remote technologies. All the benefits of outsourcing without the downsides of offshoring.

Flexible, scalable response – Great as a stand-alone support team or an addition to your existing in house IT team, we can scale your technical staff “on demand” and as needed with little effort A wide range of skills – From virtualisation to system monitoring, you get access to our expert team, with skills development from supporting leading medium and large organisations

  • 1st/2nd Level user Support
  • 24/7 service desk
  • OS platforms support - Windows, Mac & Open Source support - Debian, OpenBSD, Linux
  • 14 years’ experience providing superior service desk to Australian corporations
  • Support critical systems
  • Online access to logging and tracking system
  • Guaranteed response times based on severity


Download Procurement Flyer

PicNet partners with major IT Vendors and can provide you with a fast and cost effective way to order your hardware and software.

Save time and money – PicNet has built relationships with IT vendors and can pass on cost savings to you and provide a single point of contact to your business.

Technical Expertise – We can offer extensive advice to ensure that your hardware and software purchases fit your requirements. In conjunction with delivery PicNet can install and maintain your hardware and software.

Let PicNet assist you with your Hardware and Software procurement needs.

IT Staff Augmentation

Under pressure to deliver IT projects but you can’t increase your head count? Your company has just acquired a new business and you need extra resources during the integration phase? Facing a temporary vacancy when a member of your team goes on leave?

PicNet’s corporate IT support services provides staff augmentation with a range of skills and contract timeframes tailored to meet your business requirements. The benefits of staff augmentation include:

  • Pay for skills and resources where you need them without the need to increase headcount
  • Flexibility to ramp up and down with your workload
  • Risk reversal – transfer your HR risks to PicNet and let us handle all the HR issues that would normally be associated with permanent employees or contractors
  • No need to outsource projects completely and lose control. Have skilled resources work as part of your team at your premises
  • Obtain access to a “talent bank” of skills and knowledge for advice when you need it - IT Support Sydney - IT Support for Corporate

Case study: How Reckitt Benckiser turned their IT help desk outside in.

Demystifying the Cloud

Get our short layman’s guide to Cloud computing.
You will learn:
  • What is it
  • Why the Cloud matters to your business
  • Benefits to your business
  • How to manage risks in the Cloud
  • How to get started

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Case study: PicNet managed the wi-fi rollout of 100 stores across Australia.

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